Divorce Referee Hearing Request

  • The Divorce Referee holds regular hearings Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 PM. To request a special hearing on a Monday or Friday, or to request an emergency hearing, contact the Divorce Referee’s office.
  • Before requesting a hearing date, check the Divorce Referee Calendar. The maximum number of hearings that can be scheduled per day varies. If there are 5 or more hearings already scheduled, request another date, or contact the Divorce Referee’s office to inquire about adding your hearing to the docket.
  • Successful hearing requests will appear on the Divorce Referee Calendar after processing.
  • You must provide a valid phone number and/or email address. Incorrect or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
  • Before requesting a Divorce Referee hearing through these online forms, you must file your motion and pay the associated fees.
  • The Divorce Referee recommends that you file your Motion Pendente Lite online through the Shelby Courts' E-filing system. Filing electronically fast-racks document approval and the scheduling process, and will increase your chances of locking-in your desired hearing date.

  • Fill out and submit a Hearing Request Form to schedule a hearing before the Divorce Referee. Click the link below for the Court that is handling your case.
Circuit Court Form
Example Case ID:  CT-007144-13
Chancery Court Form
Example Case ID:  CH-13-9811


Cary Woods
Divorce Referee

140 Adams Avenue
Room 327
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Phone: (901) 222-2150