DCS Partnership Criteria

The Division of Community Services hereafter referred to as the Division, would like to identify high-performing non-profit entities that are interested in proposing to partner with the Division’s programs in various departments to develop additional service resources for our clients. A major component will be to identify collaborating partners that may help provide a synergistic working relationship in terms of resources, community contributions, knowledge, and political sensitivity.  These partnerships, created through formal agreements, will be mutually beneficial for all proposing partners including the Division, as well as for the citizens of the community.   

Purpose of partnership agreements

Partnership agreements aim to connect clients with additional resources and services available to them based on their particular needs.

Partnership agreements are used as an important tool to raise awareness and the profile of the Division’s access to target markets and engagement with the community. As such, partnership agreements require formal management and involvement by senior and other appropriate staff members.

Types of partnership agreements

Partnership agreements may be established in the form of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or a contractual (legally binding) partnership agreement with a partner external to the Division. This will be based on the individual department’s needs.

All partnerships must possess the following core criteria:

  • benefits community services in general as a whole
  • is consistent with the Division’s core values and brand attributes
  • creates opportunities for the Division to build relationships with outside organizations and leaders
  • provides resources and services for clients
  • delivers mutually beneficial outcomes
  • enhances the Division’s reputation and profile
  • offers promotional opportunities for the Division 
  • contributes to a positive client experience

The Division will not consider partnership agreements that:

  • do not reflect the Division core values and build relationships
  • maybe construed as racially prejudiced or otherwise discriminatory
  • present a reputation risk or conflict with our interests.

All partnership agreements must comply with any legislative, regulatory, or government policy requirements

Partnership agreements must be approved in accordance with Shelby County Government Policy.

*Note: The Division of Community Services is not a funding entity; therefore, any request(s) for funding should be made through the Shelby County Commission Community Enhancement Grant.

The Division seeks to promote the core values of Community Services, including non- services that are non-discriminatory and equal opportunity. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and affiliates.

A successfully submitted application does not guarantee an immediate working partnership. Departments will have sole discretion based on establishing a formal agreement, be it MOU or contractual, and will contact your agency/organization based on their individual department need(s).

**If you are looking to do business with Shelby County Government, you are required to have a vendor number: https://www.shelbycountytn.gov/206/Vendor-Registration.

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