Millington Municipal Schools

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Our mission is to provide a safe environment that allows teachers to maximize the educational experience for each child. Upon exiting Millington Municipal Schools, every student will be prepared to face challenges with confidence and the ability to succeed.


Millington Municipal Schools is led by James Griffin and home to approximately 2,600 students served in 4 schools. The Millington Municipal Schools Five year Plan strives toward the following goals:

Maintain stability in local funding

Provide multiple quality education paths for students with emphasis on Fine Arts and Career/Technical Education.

Recruit and retain knowledgeable, qualified, and caring staff.

Engage parents and community to actively support students and programs

Provide a state of the art learning environment.

By the Numbers

  • 33% Black
  • 13% Latino
  • 1% Asian
  • 44% White
  • 92.5% 4-year Graduation Rate
  • 30% Proficiency in Math
  • 28% Proficiency in English