Shelby County Lead Prevention & Sustainability Commission (LPC)


The Shelby County Lead Prevention & Sustainability Commission (LPC) provides support to boards of education in Shelby County to decrease the occurrences of elevated lead level exposure in public school drinking water, make legislative recommendations (when necessary) to support or amend statutory authority governing the reduction of lead in school drinking water of public schools, liaise with the Tennessee Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, develop and provide public transparency regarding responses to lead cases in the public schools of Shelby County. The LPC also serves as a community-based educational outreach entity and liaison to decrease occurrences of lead exposure in all aspects that are specifically harmful to (but not limited to) children and child-birthing people.

Board Members

LaTricea D. Adams 
Sharon Hyde 
Erik Stevenson 
Dr. Laqusha Barnes
Matthew Woods
MSCS Board Member:  Stephanie Love 
County Assigned Attorney:  Katrice Fields 

General LPC Initiatives

  1. Community Accountability and Oversight of Memphis Shelby County Schools' (All Districts including municipalities and the Achievement School District) 
  2. Community Education & Outreach Surrounding Lead Poisoning Prevention 
  3. Support of Shelby County-Wide Green & Sustainability Initiatives  

Annual Reports

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