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About the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The Memphis and Shelby County Health Department's Emergency Preparedness Program is recruiting physicians, clinicians, registered nurses, and non-medical volunteers to support the Health Department emergency response infrastructure by becoming a part of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).

The mission of the MRC is to improve the health and safety of communities across the country by organizing and utilizing public health, medical, and other volunteers. The Shelby County MRC is governed by the State of Tennessee's Department of Health - Emergency Medical Services Division.


The federal government has mandated all medical volunteer professionals preregister their information in the Emergency System for Advanced Registration for Volunteer Health Care Professionals (ESAR-VHP), which is a component of Volunteer Mobilizer. The registry is a critical resource in providing for surge personnel in the event of a public health emergency or disaster. Advanced registration of health care volunteers will expedite the ability to quickly identify and better utilize health care professionals. The result will be a more efficient and organized means of coordinating volunteers during an emergency when response time is critical.

Only designated personnel will have access to your confidential information, which will only be used to notify you of any activities related to the MRC program. Types of notifications will include training opportunities, drills / exercises, updated program information, newsletters, and requests for assistance at the time of a public health emergency. Your information will not be shared with any entity which is not a direct partner to an emergency response organization in Tennessee.

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For additional information about the MRC program, please contact Tina McElravey at the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program:
1075 Mullins Station
Building W
Room 228
Memphis, TN 38134
Ph: (901) 222-8200