Emergency Management


1075 Mullins Station Road
Building C
Memphis, TN 38134

Link: Emergency Management Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allen, Dan Preparedness Officer    
Baker, David Preparedness Officer    
Banks, Wes Procurement Officer    
Donald, Terry Preparedness Officer    
Garcia, Guadalupe Clerical Specialist    
Haley, Misty Operations Manager    
Hymes, Ilea Procurement Officer    
Jones, Brenda Director      
Jones, Eugene Preparedness Officer    
Logan, Shelby Grants Coordinator    
Moore, Deddrick Preparedness Officer    
Newell, Charles Deputy Administrator    
Robinson, Roderick Preparedness Officer    
Stroggins, Nia Clerical Specialist    
Thomas, Marcus Preparedness Officer    

Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) 

1075 Mullins Station Road
Memphis, TN 38134

P.O. Box 771176
Memphis, TN 38117


Link: LEPC Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kitchens, Pat Co-Chair/HELM Fertilizer    
Ridge, Nick Chairman/Ideal Chemical 901-375-5543  
Sass, Kim Secretary/Draslovka   901-535-7156  
Smith, Ronnie Treasurer 901-523-4563  
Vaughn, Greg Co-Chair/Canadian National Railway 901-786-5686  
Waymon, Greg Co-Chair/City of Memphis Office of Emergency Management 901-636-2525