How can you avoid getting hepatitis A?
The best way to keep from getting hepatitis A is to practice good sanitation and proper handwashing for yourself and your family. Children need to have their hands washed by adults if they are too young to do it themselves. Older children should be taught to wash their hands. Adults need to set good examples.

Insist on cleanliness in the restaurants you patronize or wherever food is being prepared for consumption. Also, day care centers (especially those enrolling children in diapers) should use the utmost care in hand washing practices and diapering procedures.

Immunization against hepatitis A is also recommended. The Memphis and Shelby County Health Department has vaccine for children and adults. Currently the vaccine for children ages 2 - 18 years of age is free. The adult vaccine is $45 per dose. The children and adult vaccine requires two doses six months apart.

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