Can I bring my cell phone?

You may bring cell phones.  They must be silenced during orientation and turned off prior to entering a courtroom.  Should a family member have an emergency and need to contact you, please inform them to call the Jury Commission at 901-222-1650.  We will get the message to you as soon as possible, even if in a courtroom. 

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1. Why do I have to do Jury Duty?
2. What is the role of a juror?
3. How are jurors selected for service?
4. How are names selected for jury service?
5. What kind of case will I be on?
6. I am 70, do I have to serve Jury Duty?
7. How long do I have to serve?
8. How often do I have to serve?
9. Who is qualified to be a juror?
10. If I recently served as a juror in federal court, must I serve in state court?
11. Who can be excused or disqualified from serving jury duty?
12. How do I ask to be excused or disqualified from jury duty?
13. What if I don’t live in Shelby County?
14. I have completed the questionnaire on-line. What’s next?
15. If I chose a date on-line, do I need to appear for Jury Qualification as stated on my summons?
16. The summons was sent in my maiden name. What should I do?
17. Where do I report?
18. What time do I report?
19. Where do I park?
20. Are we reimbursed for parking?
21. What do I wear?
22. Will there be long periods of waiting?
23. How long will I be there?
24. Can I bring my cell phone?
25. Why do you need my cell phone number and service provider?
26. What happens if I get a text message to go to court?
27. Are we allowed to take electronics to the court house?
28. Is there Wi-Fi available?
29. Can I smoke while serving Jury Duty?
30. How much do I get paid for serving Jury Duty?
31. How will I get paid for my jury service?
32. Can I use my card at an ATM?
33. How long will funds be available on my card?
34. Who do I contact if I would like to request a paper check or direct deposit?
35. Who do I contact about issues with my Jury funds debit card?
36. Does my employer have to pay me while I serve jury duty?
37. Can I be fired from my job if I serve jury duty?
38. What if I have an emergency?
39. Can I bring my child and is there childcare available?
40. What if there is inclement weather?
41. How do I ask to be excused or disqualified from jury duty?
42. What if I can’t appear for Jury Qualification?
43. What happens if I can’t appear for my scheduled jury duty date?
44. What if I do not appear?
45. What if I do not serve?
46. I’m on disability, should I be excused?
47. I don't speak English, can I be excused?
48. Will the Jury Commission ask me for financial information?
49. Are there areas for nursing mothers to express, if required to serve jury duty?
50. I have a hardship, can I be excused?
51. How can I get proof of my jury service?
52. I work in another state, can I be excused?
53. Will the Jury Commission call if I don’t appear for jury duty?