What services are available?

The services available are:

  • Options: Homemaker, Personal Care and Home Delivered Meals
  • Older Americans Act: Adult Day Care, Homemaker, Personal Care, Home Delivered Meals, Personal Emergency Response System
  • Family Caregiver: Respite In-home Adult Care, Respite Personal Care, Respite Homemaker, Respite Adult Day Care, Assistive Technology, Food Supplement, Home Delivered Meals, Pest Control, Personal Emergency Response System, Medical Equipment/Supplies

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1. What services does the Aging Commission offer?
2. Is a Doctor’s order required to receive services through our agency?
3. Who is eligible to receive services?
4. How do you find out if you qualify for services?
5. What is CHOICES?
6. How do I qualify?
7. Can I get paid to take care of my parent?
8. Will they help me find a home?
9. How long does it take to be enrolled and receive services?
10. Will they take my property after I die?
11. How do I receive services?
12. What services are available?
13. Who qualifies?
14. Do the agencies do background checks on their employees?