Doesn’t your job make you sad?

Sometimes, but we are really grateful for the opportunity to help others.

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1. What does the Crime Victims and Rape Crisis Center offer?
2. Where are you located?
3. What time do you open and close?
4. What services are available during the COVID-19 pandemic?
5. Can I get a rape kit (sexual assault forensic exam) without reporting to the police?
6. Can I get counseling even if the incident happened years ago?
7. Can I volunteer?
8. Are you all hiring?
9. Is there a charge associated with your services?
10. If I’m assaulted on the streets of Memphis, can I collect money?
11. Are your services free?
12. What age do you have to be to receive services?
13. Is my information kept confidential?
14. What if you call me & my husband/offender answers?
15. Do you help me pay for basic needs after a crime? Like utilities, rent, mortgage, etc.?
16. Doesn’t your job make you sad?