What is a Family Support Specialist?

A unique component of SCN is the commitment to family-driven care as the basis for each intervention. This is demonstrated through the support for family support specialists (FSS), a peer-driven support service that offers hope, guidance, and advocacy for parents and caregivers

trying to navigate the children’s mental health system. FSSs deliver peer support through support groups, phone calls, or individual meetings. They bring expertise based on their own experiences with their children, as well as specialized training that creates a pathway to sustainable employment for those interested in working in the system as staff in provider agencies, as members of the team offering support to parents and caregivers. The specialized training is provided by the state of Tennessee and offers scholarships for those seeking certification. Once certified, an FSS’s services are Medicaid reimbursable and will serve as an entry-level behavioral health position within the provider community.

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4. What is a Family Support Specialist?
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