What time do I report?

On the first day of your jury service, you are scheduled to appear at 9:00 a.m. There may be occasions when you will be notified if required to report earlier or later. You will also be informed by the jury coordinator or your designated court at the time you are to report each day thereafter.

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1. Why do I have to do Jury Duty?
2. What is the role of a juror?
3. How are jurors selected for service?
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18. What time do I report?
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32. Can I use my card at an ATM?
33. How long will funds be available on my card?
34. Who do I contact if I would like to request a paper check or direct deposit?
35. Who do I contact about issues with my Jury funds debit card?
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38. What if I have an emergency?
39. Can I bring my child and is there childcare available?
40. What if there is inclement weather?
41. How do I ask to be excused or disqualified from jury duty?
42. What if I can’t appear for Jury Qualification?
43. What happens if I can’t appear for my scheduled jury duty date?
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47. I don't speak English, can I be excused?
48. Will the Jury Commission ask me for financial information?
49. Are there areas for nursing mothers to express, if required to serve jury duty?
50. I have a hardship, can I be excused?
51. How can I get proof of my jury service?
52. I work in another state, can I be excused?
53. Will the Jury Commission call if I don’t appear for jury duty?