2016 Holiday Fire Safety

For Immediate Release
December 15, 2016
Holiday Fire Safety
“With the holiday season upon us, we remind citizens of the hidden threat of decorations that can lead to electrical hazards and home fires,” said Dale Lane, Shelby County Office of Preparedness Director. “Plan to stay safe! Be fire smart and follow these safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association and the United States Fire Administration to ensure a safe holiday for your family.”
 Use UL approved holiday lights only. Check all sets of lights
before decorating. Throw away light strands that are frayed.
 Turn off holiday lights when you go to bed and are not at home.
 Keep candles 12 inches away from anything that can burn.
NEVER burn an unattended candle – When you go out – put
them out! Consider purchasing battery-operated flameless candles.
 Water live holiday trees daily. Use non-combustible or flame-resistant materials to trim your tree. Keep trees away from ignition sources. Make sure trees are away from foot traffic and do not block an exit.
 Make sure you have working smoke alarms. Install one smoke alarm on every floor of your home and in every
sleeping area. Have working carbon monoxide detectors. Replace alarms if they don’t sound during a test or if they are 10 or more years old.
 Use extension cords only temporarily. Make sure they are in
good working order. Never run an extension cord under a rug.
 Remain in the room when cooking. Never leave children or pets
alone in the kitchen. Keep pets and children at least 3 feet from
the stove.
 Keep space heaters at least 3 feet from anything flammable.
 Make sure everyone knows how to escape quickly if a fire
occurs. Tell your guests about your fire escape plans. If you
have a fire, get outside and stay outside! Call 911 from a
cell phone from outdoors.
“When this time of year comes around, and the temperatures drops, the call volume for fire-related emergencies naturally climbs.” said Alvin D. Benson, the Fire Chief of the Shelby County Fire Department. “Staying vigilant is really one of the most important things anyone can do during this time of year and really all year long. “If you are practicing the things that we recommend, then you have taken the first steps toward securing your safety and that of your family. “Follow good common sense practices and chances are that you will not be calling 9-1-1 this year. “But if you need to dial that important phone number, don’t hesitate. “The earlier we are notified of your situation that quicker we can be there if we’re needed!”
National Fire Protection Association: www.nfpa.org
United States Fire Administration: www.usfa.fema.gov
Shelby County Office of Preparedness: www.staysafeshelby.us
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