Active Shooter Awareness Training - Aug19


Active Shooter Awareness Training is offered to the Public August 19th at 10:00AM and 1:30PM at the Shelby County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency EOC.

The active shooter awareness training is a 1.5 hour lecture in what you are to do before, during, and after an active shooter incident. Information is provided based upon the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FBI recommended response to an active shooter situation. 

This training is an awareness class that teaches the basics of what to do during an Active Shooter Event. Students will learn the history of active shooter events, the process of Run(Avoid), Hide(Deny), Fight(Defend), as well as basic concepts of mass shootings, understanding law enforcement response, and assisting in the prevention of mass shooting events.

Location: 1075 Mullins Station Rd., Memphis, TN 38134 (Building C, Room C-113) Map Link: HERE!

Sign Up by August 16th (5PM CST):

10:00AM Session: Sign Up Here!

1:30PM Session: Sign Up Here!