Amateur Radio! New class beginning August 17th, 2017

Amateur Radio!  New class beginning August 17th, 2017

What:         Technician class for Amateur Radio

When:        Every Thursday, Aug 27th – Sep 28th, 2017 from 6 to 9 pm

Where:       Germantown Fire Station #4, 3031 Forest Hill-Irene Rd

Cost:           Course is FREE.  Textbook:  $25 available first night of class.

                    FCC Testing Fee for License:  $10.00.

                    Note:  The textbook is written by Gordon West and will be valid through June 30, 2018.

                    If you already own this book for the current question pool, no need to buy a new one.


Registration:     Please visit Registration link or contact 


Who:      This class is open to anyone who is committed to studying hard and learning the material.  NO prior radio or electronics experience is necessary.  Morse code is no longer required.


If you have ever considered earning your Amateur Radio License, whether as part of an emergency preparedness plan, to help serve the community, or simply to enjoy the hobby, this class is the fastest way to earn the entry level Technician Class License.  Once you are licensed, we are committed to helping you succeed and plan to offer future hands-on workshops to make the most of your new amateur radio and license.


Tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone else you know might be interested.  Feel free to forward this announcement to them.


We hope to see you there!


Howard Thompson, N4HLT             Bill Stevens, WC9S



What this class is:
- Guided study session taught by experienced instructors and followed immediately by an FCC-approved Technician License Exam
- A “license to learn” and an ideal way to get started with Ham Radio – you’ll be able to get “on the air” as soon as your information is recorded in the FCC’s online database (typically within 7-10 days)
- Open to all ages – provided you’re committed to studying hard and working through the material


What this class isn’t:
- A course that will teach you everything you need to know to get started in the Ham Radio hobby
- A series of long lectures over several weeks that will eat up a lot of time


Who should take this class?
- Individuals interested in experimenting with radio technology
- Individuals who want to learn more about how radio works
- Individuals looking to better prepare for emergencies
- Individuals who want to help the community by volunteering to provide communications support for public events


For more details about amateur radio, please visit these sites:

 “What is Ham Radio?”;What can I do with a Ham License?