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Should you need further information about the Memphis/Shelby County LEPC, call the Shelby County Emergency Managment and Homeland Security at (901) 222-6700 or email

Memphis/Shelby County Local Emergency Planning Committee (MSCLEPC)

P.O. Box 771176

Memphis, Tn 38117


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Executive Committee

Mrs. Meagan Densford, Chairperson, Office (901)354-1091

Mr. Greg Vaughn, Vice-Chairperson, Office (901) 786-5686,

Mr. James Barnes, Vice-Chairman, Office (901) 320-8612,

Ms. April Holmes, Vice-Chariman, Office (901) 651-3395,

Ms. Kimberly Sass, Secretary, Office (901) 353-7146,

Mr. Ronnie Smith, Treasurer, Office (901) 523-4563,

Mr. Patrick Kitchens, Chairperson Emeritus, Office (901) 334-4230,