Daylight Savings Time Ends

For Immediate Release
November 2, 2017
Daylight Savings Time Ends - Change Clocks and Batteries!
“As we turn our clocks back an hour on Sunday, November 5th to end Daylight Savings Time, it is a good reminder to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors,” said Dale Lane, Shelby County Office of Preparedness Director. “Working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important parts of a home safety plan and can save your life!” Please review these safety tips:
 Have an escape plan! Hold family drills with the lights on and
off. Make sure everyone knows where to go when they get
outside. A meeting place in front of the house is best.
 Install:
 Smoke detectors: on every level of the home, in the basement, and inside and outside sleeping areas
 Carbon monoxide detectors: on every level of the home with fuel burning appliances (5 to 20 feet from carbon monoxide sources such as furnace, water heater, or fireplace) and outside sleeping areas
 Combination smoke / carbon monoxide detectors: follow manufacturer’s instructions for location and mounting height
 Test: Push the “test” button once a month.
 Batteries: If your device has disposable batteries, change them twice a year or if you hear the “chirp” (warning that the battery is low).
 Replace: If your detector is 10 years old (from the date of manufacture), replace it. If your detector does not respond when you test it, replace it.
 Interconnected detectors are best, so that when one sounds, they all sound.
 Alarms:
If the carbon monoxide detector alarms: Immediately move to fresh air. Call 911 from the fresh air.
If the smoke detector alarms: Get outside and stay outside. Call 911 from outside.
If you cannot afford a smoke detector, please call your nearest fire station to apply for one.
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