National Emergency Alert System Test Planned on September 27th

For Immediate Release

September 26, 2017



Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test on September 27




“The Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) in partnership with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will conduct a mandatory nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on Wednesday, September 27, at 1:30 p.m.,” said Dale Lane, Director Shelby County Office of Preparedness.

The test will last approximately one minute. The wording will be similar to the monthly EAS test message: “This is national test of the Emergency Alert System. This is only a test.” The public should receive both audio and on-screen text conveying “This is only a test.” Wireless emergency alerts (EAS) will not be part of the test.


The test will assess the operational readiness of emergency officials to distribute emergency information on a national level and ensure that the EAS is an effective way to warn the public about emergencies. The test will also provide data into how the Integrated Public Alerts and Warning System (IPAWS) performs during an emergency.


FEMA will conduct the test with the FCC and the National Weather Service. Broadcast TV, radio, cable, satellite, wireline video, and other service providers will participate.


The EAS, the national public warning system, provides the President with the ability to communicate with the American public within 10 minutes of a national emergency. It can also be used by state and local authorities to push out emergency informationa for weather, imminent threats, and AMBER alerts.



This is the third mandatory nationwide test of the EAS.





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