Prepare Now! Severe Weather Predicted for the Mid-South on Wednesday

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March 16, 2021

Prepare Now! Severe Weather Predicted for the Mid-South.

The National Weather Service has indicated severe storms are expected across the entire Mid-South Wednesday into Wednesday night. Hazards could include large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes. It is important to prepare now, ahead of the storm.


Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Safety Tips:

Listen to NOAA radio for weather alerts.

Know the alerts: Severe Thunderstorm watch: Conditions are favorable. Stay alert! Severe thunderstorm warning: Take shelter! Act now! Tornado watch: Conditions are favorable. Stay alert! Tornado Warning: A tornado has been seen on radar or reported by a spotter. Take shelter!
Be prepared to evacuate or shelter-in-place.
Designate a “safe place” to shelter. Underground is best, such as a basement or storm shelter. If not possible, go to the center room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building.
If you are in a vehicle, try to seek shelter in a sturdy building. If no building is near, pull over, keep seat belt on. Cover head and neck with your arms and cover your body with a coat or blanket.
Avoid parking under bridges and overpasses.
Anticipate power outages.

Charge cell phones and be sure to have fresh batteries for flashlights.

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