Recruiting for ShelbyCares!

For Immediate Release

March 27, 2017
Shelby Cares Recruiting

When citizens must flee their homes due to flooding or other
disasters, Shelby Cares, the county’s sheltering mission
program steps up. A faith-based 501(c) (3), Shelby Cares is
part of Shelby County’s Emergency Support Function 18:
Faith-Based Partnerships. If Dale Lane, Director Shelby
County Office of Preparedness (SCOP), activates the
Emergency Operations Center during a disaster, Shelby
Cares is ready to quickly provide shelter for our citizens.
Housing citizens after local flooding in 2010 and 2011, Shelby
Cares set up shelters in churches, community centers, and
gymnasiums in partnership with the American Red Cross, the Tennessee Department of Human
Services, and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. Not only has Shelby Cares
welcomed local citizens into shelters, but hundreds of flood
victims from the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Gustav and
Katrina made a temporary home in Shelby Care shelters until
it was safe to return home.
Terry Donald, Shelby Cares Coordinator / SCOP
Preparedness Officer, said, “We are actively recruiting faithbased
organizations to join us in 2017! Our motto is T.E.A.M.
- Together Everyone Achieves More. We will be glad to
survey your facility to see if it meets regulations for a shelter.
If your group does not have a facility for sheltering, you can
still help. We welcome team partners to assist in set up,
check-in, feeding, and other sheltering responsibilities.” Year around, SCOP Director Dale Lane
and Terry Donald stay in close contact with the National Weather Service for local flood
predictions and potential hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic, especially June 1 - November 30,
the Atlantic Hurricane Season.
If your faith-based organization is interested in becoming a
Shelby Cares Partner, to assist in sheltering citizens
following a disaster, please contact or call 901.222.6700.