September is National Preparedness Month- Download ReadyTN Today!

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is reintroducing its ReadyTN preparedness application to Tennesseans today and announcing improvements to the app’s coding, design, and functionality.


“At all times, but especially in emergency situations, Tennesseans want to take care of their families and those in their communities,” said TEMA Director Patrick Sheehan. “ReadyTN puts contact information for local emergency management agencies and information on what to do before, during, and after disasters directly on mobile devices. Users have important information such as weather updates, traffic conditions and situation information from TEMA after a disaster. Tennesseans want to be prepared and informed and with ReadyTN, TEMA is providing the tools to help them.”


Tennesseans can download Ready TN and use on mobile devices running both the Apple and Android operating systems.

The Apple version of the application is available to users through a search for ReadyTN in the App Store on their phones or tablets.

Android phone and tablet users can search for ReadyTN in the Google Play store.


For almost six months, TEMA has worked with the State of Tennessee’s Strategic Technology Solutions (STS) group to re-design ReadyTN and re-work the code running the application to make it easier to use, and easier to add upgraded features in future app enhancements.


The updated content areas in the new ReadyTN include:

  • Expanded emergency kit checklists for special populations;
  • More detailed descriptions and information on the major hazards in Tennessee;
  • A regional list of local emergency management agency contacts by county;
  • A newsroom feature on ReadyTN’s home screen so important TEMA news and emergency updates are presented to users immediately at the application’s start-up; and,
  • Immediate visual notification on ReadyTN’s home page as to TEMA’s operational status and whether a State of Emergency exists.


ReadyTN users will also receive National Weather Service notifications and alerts, can access traffic updates from the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s SmartWay resource, and search for information on American Red Cross shelters that may be open near their locations in emergency situations.


A complete list of ReadyTN’s features, as well as direct links to download, is available on TEMA’s website at

Right now, ReadyTN users will receive National Weather Service alerts and warnings covering the entire state of Tennessee. TEMA is planning a future ReadyTN enhancement that will use a mobile device’s location services to target weather and alerts and information to a user’s specific location.


TEMA also has not enabled notification services in ReadyTN, and instead plans to launch this feature when the location service feature is added in a future application upgrade.

TEMA will be working with STS on other ReadyTN enhancements that may include expanding ReadyTN’s accessibility for special populations of individuals and allowing users to submit information such as storm damage through photos and geo-location data.


TEMA originally launched Ready TN in February 2012 and was the first State of Tennessee agency to provide a smartphone application to consumers running on both the Apple and Android operating systems.


About the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency: TEMA’s mission is to coordinate preparedness, response and recovery from man-made, natural and technological hazards in a professional and efficient manner in concert with our stakeholders. 


About ReadyTN: ReadyTN is a mobile device application from the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) providing emergency preparedness, response, and recovery information to Tennesseans. Ready TN is available for mobile devices running Apple and Android operating systems. For more information on ReadyTN’s features and on downloading, visit