Severe Weather Expected Wednesday, April 26th

For Immediate Release
April 26, 2017
Prepare for Severe Thunderstorms
“Stay alert! The National Weather Service predicts severe thunderstorms will develop this afternoon and into the night. Large hail and damaging winds are the primary threats. Severe thunderstorms are also possible Friday night and this weekend with a potential for flash flooding,” said Dale Lane, Director Shelby County Office of Preparedness. “Your best defense is awareness, knowing where to shelter, and having a plan.”
Severe Thunderstorm Safety Tips:
 Monitor Forecasts and River Levels: Have
a NOAA all-hazards radio and download
mobile weather apps. Look for darkening
skies, lightning, heavy rain, and high winds.
 Communications Plan: Ensure family
members have emergency numbers
programmed in cell phones. Keep cell
phones charged.
 Postpone Outdoor Activities: If you hear
thunder, you are close enough to be struck
by lightning. When thunder roars, go indoors!
 Outside:
 Shelter in a sturdy building or hardtop vehicle if no sturdy building is available.
 Avoid open fields and tall trees.
 Stay away from downed power lines.
 Home:
 Have a go kit (flashlight, batteries, NOAA radio, bottled water, non-perishable food).
 Secure outdoor objects that can blow away.
 Avoid using corded phones and unplug electrical equipment.
 Avoid contact with plumbing.
 Stay away from windows and doors.
 Driving:
 If you are stuck in traffic, stay in your car with your seatbelt on.
 Pull to the shoulder and turn on emergency flashers.
 Avoid touching metal.
 Do not drive through flooded roads. Remember, turn around - don’t drown!
 Have alternative routes planned.
Resources: MLGW Outage Hotline: 901.544.6500. MLGW Emergency: 901.528.4465
MLGW Outage Map:
National Weather Service: and