Shelby County Prepares for Flash Flooding

Prepare for Flash Flooding This Week

Prepare for flash flooding later this week,” said Dale Lane, Director Shelby County Office of Preparedness (SCOP). “The National Weather Service forecasts a tropical disturbance with an increased threat of heavy rains Thursday through Sunday and flash flooding. Never underestimate the power of flood water. Plan to make the safest decisions, especially on the roadways. Please review these flash flooding safety tips.”


  •   Listen to the forecast: Stay weather ready! Have two ways to receive weather alerts: Have a NOAA battery- powered radio and download weather apps.
  •   Know the terms:
    Flash flood advisory: be aware.
    Flash flood watch: prepare to act fast Flash flood warning: take action - flash flooding is imminent. or occurring. Go to higher ground.
  •   Reschedule outdoor activities if flash flooding is predicted.
  •   Have a flood safety plan:
    •   Know where to evacuate: to higher ground

      from your home, work, or school. Know two

      alternative ways out of your neighborhood.

    •   Go kit: Have an emergency “go kit” that is portable with enough supplies to sustain your

      family and pets for seven days.

    •   Home Inventory: Create a home inventory with photos, videos, and receipts.
    •   Insurance: Purchase flood insurance for home and business at
    •   Pets: Don’t leave pets behind. Ensure pets are ready to evacuate with you.


 Never drive into flood waters.

  •   Six inches of water can knock an adult off their feet and cause loss of vehicle control.

    One foot of rushing water can carry away a small vehicle and two feet can float a large

    vehicle away (even an SUV). Remember...Turn Around, Don’t Drown!

  •   Do not drive around barricades.
  •   Use caution at night. You may not be able to see a sink hole or debris under flood water.


 Use caution! Check for structural damage before re-entering a structure.