Shelby County's PrepareAthon- Get Involved

To help our residents and businesses prepare for a tornado, the Shelby County Office of Preparedness
will conduct a tornado drill on Wednesday, April 27th as part of Shelby County’s PrepareAthon! We
encourage all residents and businesses to participate. Here’s how to participate:
Before the Drill:
 Designate someone to take photos of the drill
 Review your severe weather emergency plan with staff and/or family, and encourage them to
visit to learn how to prepare for tornadoes
 Make sure everyone knows where tornado shelter areas are located. Basements and interior
rooms or hallways on the lowest floor are safest
 Encourage your staff and/or family to stay weather-aware at home, work and on the go by
downloading the free Ready Tennessee or FEMA app.
 Install a NOAA Weather Radio, if you haven’t already done so. Make sure it’s programmed to
receive alerts for Shelby County and check that it has a battery back-up.
Around 10 a.m. the Day of the Drill:
 Listen for the tornado sirens or monitor your NOAA Weather Radio for the message from the
National Weather Service. This is your cue to begin the drill.
 If you are conducting the drill at your workplace, announce the drill using your building’s
notification system
 Follow the steps in your emergency plan
 Everyone should proceed to their tornado shelter area
o Use stairs instead of elevators
 Crouch low, sitting or kneeling against a wall and covering head with hands
After the Drill:
 Evaluate the drill and document any issues
 Modify your plan accordingly
 Email the number of participants and photos to Shelby Logan at